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Eternal Love of the Sun and the Moon

Updated: Mar 27

yin yang balance of sun and moon
The Eternal Love of Sun&Moon

Once upon a time, there was a Moon of enchanting beauty. It was very bright; only the stars could see it at night. It was untouchable, unreachable...

And then there was the Sun, majestic and radiant. One day, as it descended from the heavens, it saw her; the Moon, gazing up with all her splendor. And it fell in love with her...

But what a love it was; They were worlds apart, impossible to come together. It could only see her during sunset and sunrise.

"Go," said the Moon to it. "Go so that I may breathe, our destinies are decided; you shall illuminate the day, and I shall the night... Our union is impossible, it would defy what everyone believes."

"Do not dare to forsake the light you have blessed for my darkness," said the Sun.

The Sun decided, it would die every night to allow her to breathe, for it would put an end to all its pains...

Source: A folk tale inspiring writers, poets, and artists...

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